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Festival Standards


In the spirit of ensuring the Newport Arts Festival is a pleasurable and rewarding event for everyone who participates, Looking Upwards has adopted the following standards.  

Artist’s own hand - All work displayed at the Newport Arts Festival must be of professional quality and created and executed by the displaying artist’s own hand.

Single artist or two person teams - The work displayed at the Newport Arts Festival is limited to the work of single artists or two-person team collaborations.

All of artist’s mediums to be juried - Artists may only exhibit and sell work in the media categories for which they are accepted.

Limitations on photomechanical reproductions - The Newport Arts Festival permits photomechanical reproductions of an artist’s original work in a small quantity in the smallest portion of the display. For example, reproductions might be displayed in a spin tower, portfolio, bin or hung on the side of one wall, whichever is the smallest portion of the artist’s display. These individual prints must be labeled reproductions.

Items not accepted - Items not accepted in the show include: art made with commercially available patterns or molds or any item produced commercially or by anyone other than the artist.

Artists present at the festival - Artists must be present during the entire event and must personally staff their exhibit space. No agents, dealers or representatives may attend the event in place of the artist.

Consistency with images submitted - At intervals throughout the show all displays will be reviewed by the Festival Committee. The committee will ensure that all items that each artist displays are in keeping with and of the same or better quality as the images the artist has submitted.

In the event of rain - We do not offer a rain date for the festival . Though individual artists’ tents are under a larger festival tent , we encourage you to have suitable material to protect your work. Due to the expenses of the show, we unfortunately cannot provide a refund. In the case of inclement weather, the Festival Committee has the sole discretion in the decision to close the show. Artists leaving or packing out without the approval of the committee risk not being invited back to the show.

Cooperation with rules and standards - The Festival Committee will require artists to remove any items that are not within the show’s standards. Artists violating the rules and standards of the Newport Arts Festival or who fail to cooperate with the Festival Committee will not be allowed to exhibit in the show. At any point during the festival, the committee reserves the right to remove anyone from exhibiting in the show for failure to follow the Newport Arts Festival’s rules and standards.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.