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Photographic Artist

Abby Ripley

Five Horse Power – 18.75” x 22.63” (framed)

Lantern Pond Water Lilies – 19.25” x 25.75” (framed)


Artist Statement: “I refer to myself as a photographic artist rather than a photographer for the reason that my digitally processed photographs tend to look like paintings.  I use a computer and a scanner to process both digital and film photographs.  And to those images I apply various software programs, but mainly Adobe Photoshop, to render them as graphic art.  My signature work consists of composite images, i.e., two or more photographs superimposed on each other to create a beautiful and interesting image and/or a metaphorical one.  The title of the image reflects the content or meaning of the image.”


Price Range: Lowest $100, Average $300, Highest $500
Name: Abby Ripley
Address: PO Box 431, New Milford, CT  06776