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Large Format Film Photographs

Barry Howe

Machu Picchu Rainbow – 30” x 40”

Tibetan Prayer Flags – 30” x 40”


Artist Statement: “Whether I am shooting aerials or setting up for a timed exposure cityscape or a scenic photograph, I know which shot will be a good final photograph. Much of my work is about growth and change which seems to me to be a natural way for a photographer to think.  Each photographic image captures a moment in time that cannot be found again and is preserved forever. In the 1970's I began a commercial photography business in Marina Del Rey, California, and specialized in aerials, architectural interiors and exteriors, product shots and location assignments. I also began exhibiting in arts shows in California and the Pacific west. I have photographed every national park and many exotic landscapes.  Most of my city photomurals have been taken with a Dierdorff 8 x 10 view camera.”


Price Range: Lowest $45, Average $250-$600, Highest $1,700
Name: Barry Howe, Barry Howe Photography
Address: Marco Island, FL Phone: 239-919-2360